Listing Benefits

Snapshot On What You Get

Tools & Features :

Display your business listing on multiple device sizes such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop PC’s.

PrimeSiteUK.Com is has been built using the latest responsive technologies, which means our visitors will enjoy a faster browsing experience with quicker loading pages and optimised website coding.

As a listed member, you’ll love the listing benefits of our responsive design with compatibility and scalability, giving you the power and tools to list your business ‘as you want it’.

Marketing Your Business :

How do you market your online Business or Hobby to get more customers? How about in minutes, we show you how to become an ‘expert’ in marketing your online presence!

Assure your online success with the “What to Write” pdf which includes ‘fill-in-the-blank’ email templates to grow your online business even faster!

It’s a snap … Take a look and see for yourself 

Listing Information :

Below are a few snapshots of the submission form, simple and easy to use.

Submission Form :

The following is a simple, easy to use submission form where you add your business information about who you are, what you sell or provide. Takes less than 2 minutes to complete!

Listing Description

Listing Submission Form

Choose Categories :

The following shows you a list of available categories, simply select which is applicable for your type of business. If you can’t see one and it adds value, simply suggest it and we’ll add it!

Listing Categories

Select Where To Place Listing

Media Uploads :

The following, depending on package selected, shows you a list of acceptable media types you can add to your listing such as Images, Video, Documents and Music.

Listing Attachments

Upload Business Listing Documents

Business Information :

The following is a simple information section where visitors can see where you are, contact details and much more!

Listing Information

Owner Contact Information

Business Location :

The following, depending on package selected, is a live Google Map showing your business location. Simply type in the business address in the bar provided and the system will locate the business in a snap!

Listing Map

Live Google Map

Mobile & Tablets :

PrimeSiteUK being a responsive website, is available on all mobile devices such as iOS and Android, so having a your business listed is simply the perfect solution. And with thousands of daily visitors looking for products and services just like yours – we have you covered!

Google Maps and Business Locations :

We offer built in business locations such as distance, post/zip code, searches, radius searches, and other great listing enhancements. No business listing would be complete without our excellent Google map coverage and we offer everything you need built it and more!

Visitors to PrimeSiteUK can select their current location and all listings will automatically be displayed closest to them, they can search for listings via their post/zip code and a radius circle will be plotted showing nearby listings.

How cool is that! …

Listing Packages :

Adding your business listing is a snap using our built in listing packages as we have set this up so you can get listed fast!

We offer a FREE Standard Package to get you started, together with paid Bronze, Silver or Gold Packages which you upgrade too at anytime.

You can also choose which features enhancements you like such as image uploads, image space, HTML descriptions, Google map display, visitor graphics, top of category, featured and much more!

You make a ‘one-off’ and NOT a recurring payment via our preferred secure payment processor PayPal and that’s it…all done!

User Accounts with Management & Notification Tools :

We believe that listed members need their own space to manage their business listings and adjust their payment and account details.

Luckily we’ve got you covered!

PrimeSiteUK’s directory system allows you to create a business listing where you can securely login to your own unique account area and manage your listings, all from your very own space.

Our members area provides you with your own unique profile link so you can share your profile page with either your friends, family and business acquaintances/contacts as well as upload your own user photo, adjust your account details and listing favourites.

You can also set-up email subscriptions so we can keep you ‘in the loop’ or updated with PrimeSiteUK’s latest news! This also allows you to be notified of any/messages sent by other listed members, news and reviews of your listing by either visitors or listed members.

Wait! there’s more!

You can also chose to be notified of new listings that make be of interest to you – simply select the category of choice and your done!

So whenever a listing is added to your chosen category of interest, we’ll let you know! How simple is that?!

Contact Forms & Private Messages :

PrimeSiteUK believes that communication is the best method for its listed members so that they can share their thoughts and opinions so you’ll love our built in goodies covering this aspect of our website!

Our directory has a built-in private messaging feature allowing visitors to contact the business listing authors. The system is set-up to send you an automatic notification and the message is then placed within your account area. Combine this with a built in user commenting system with a star feedback rating and contact form and you have everything you need to communicate freely and effectively.

Search Engine Optimisation :

Its important to get your listing right so the world can both see and hear your message. So as a paid listing, we also optimise your listing for all the main search engines out there.

Advertising Opportunities :

Need more exposure for your business? PrimeSiteUK has its own built-in advertising system – See Advertising.

You can quickly and easily set-up your own banners using our built in advertising system. You can select multiple banners to appear in each location available such as the header, middle content, bottom content and footer.

You can also set-up banners for each category or for all categories and pages allowing you to target your advertisements for different user interests.

Help & Support :

If you have any questions with regard – Listing Benefits – please use the contact button below – we’ll be sure to respond as soon as we are able.

Help & Support

PLEASE NOTE : Our support team are available during normal office hours.

Time : 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs – Period : Monday to Friday – Tele : 07748 72 12 05

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