Email Marketing

Looking for email marketing? …

We frequently get asked if we could send/forward emails and offers to our valued subscribers mailing list.

As long as the content is appealing and affordable, sure why not?

So to ensure that such is ‘fit for purpose’, we like to first check it out, including the links and related material.  Afterall, we don’t want to send junk to our valued members right?

Mailing Levels :

We keep these costs down so as to be affordable to all; clearly, if you require a more comprehensive service then we will be happy to negotiate a fee.

  • One Off Mailing = £100.00
  • 1 X Week Mailing = £200.00
  • Fortnightly Mailing = £125.00
  • 2 X Week Mailing = £175.00
  • Custom Based On Demand  = £Enquire

Newsletter/Mailing :

This should be sent for proofing to ensure that links and images are checked, and in the required format.

Marketing Your Online Business :

How do you market your online Business or Hobby to get more customers? How about in minutes, we show you how to become an ‘expert’ in marketing your online presence!

Assure your online success with the “What to Write” pdf which includes ‘fill-in-the-blank’ email templates to grow your online business even faster!

It’s a snap … Take a look and see for yourself 

CAN-Spam Compliance :

We are firm believers in ethical email marketing methods and as such we have taken steps to ensure our marketing methods are compliant with the CAN-Spam Act.

Payment :

Simply make your payment via PayPal

Clicks and Hits :

We do not/cannot offer any guarantee as to traffic generated as a result of any/all sends – ‘We can lead the horses to the water but cannot make them drink‘.

So when a mailing has been initiated, no refunds will be given.

Help & Support :

Want to schedule a message marketing push to our 80k+ Membership list? Simply use the contact button below outlining the service level required.  We’ll be sure to respond as soon as we are able.

Help & Support

PLEASE NOTE : Our support team are available during normal office hours.

Time : 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs – Period : Monday to Friday – Tele : 07748 72 12 05

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