PrimeSiteUK FAQ’s

In this section are frequently asked questions about what we do and how do it.

It’s pretty much straight forward so the following we hope, helps to explain some of the aspects of our core function and how we can help you push your website services/products message out there!

What email address can I/we use?

When adding a listing, you must first register as a Member using an email that relates to the listing domain name that you intend to submit to PrimeSiteUK.Com.

As part of our security process, we do not accept ‘disposable’ email addresses such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Aol etc – Please see our Submission Guidelines

Should a listing be added/submitted but the submitting registered member’s email address is different, our system will automatically flag it for the screening teams attention.

We will first check that the listing url (domain) is genuine, in which we will then update the registered members email address corresponding to the listing in question.

What happens if I/we don’t provide up to date information?

There is a chance that the telephone number, address or line of business displayed will be incorrect meaning that potential customers may not be able to find you when searching for your business or a business providing the same goods or services as yours.

Also your listings could be removed as we need to avoid, as much as possible, displaying out of date information.

Why is it important that my listing is up to date?

If someone is looking for your business or service, having the name, address, ttelephone number and line of business up to date means that they can find you easily and, hopefully, spend money with you.

Making sure the information is correct maximises your businesses exposure on the Internet.

Which directories would my business be listed on?

Your listing can be added to any directory that you wish depending on what listing package that you subscribe too,

What information does my listing need to show?

To ensure transparency and for visitor confidence, you need to provide the following basic information :

  • Name of Business,
  • Address & Postcode,
  • Telephone number,
  • Line of Business (classification),
  • Website (URL),
  • Email address (must relate to the listing domain name),

How can I change my listing?

Once your member account has been approved and you have added your website listing, you can modify/change/update the content as many times as you wish 26/7.

How do I\we place a banner advert?

As it is evident on PrimeSiteUK, both small and large businesses enjoy what we do in terms of being able to gain that extra exposure for their products and services.

The fees applicable are both reasonable, affordable and reachable in which we will always do our best to accommodate wherever possible.

If you are interested in placing banner adverts within PrimeSiteUK’s directory, there are several options open to you.

Please go to our Advertising Section which provides all the information your require.

What benefits can I enjoy as a Member?

Firstly, we do try to be everything to everyone…we keep it simple.

Our services is a no frills, no bells, whistles or any other of that complicated stuff.  We list your site in a related category of your choice and depending on the package your subscribe too, you can pretty much take your pick!

And as part of what we do, we push your message out there via known media such as Twitter.

For more information, please take a look at : Listing Benefits Section

May we have a free listing trial?

Sure you can!…

Go to > Add Listing Section

Add your listing by selecting the ‘Free Listing’ option.

Complete the presenting submission form as required.


In the ‘Suggestion’ section of the form, simply add ‘Free Trail Please

Assuming ALL the information provided is present and correct, we will then activate it as ‘GOLD’ Package for 30 Days, which will include ALL the benefits that go with it!

When the trial expires, your listing will resume as a Free Standard listing.

Simples! …

Your question or query still not answered?

Simply send us a message

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