Claim Listing

Claim Listing :

Seen a listing which is yours and want to maintain it?

1) Click the claim button above your listing,

 ‘Claim Listing Button‘

Claim Listing

2) Clicking this button will bring up the following form :

‘Claim Listing Form’

Claim Listing Form

3) When you complete this form, be sure to confirm that you are the ‘owner’ or ‘authorised’ user using a related domain name.

4) This will alert the support team who will check and verify your claim/ownership to the listing.

5) Once completed, the listing will be associated to the listing claimed.

Populating Directories :

There are some 100K listings currently in the system and as you can imagine, it would take us ages to assign them to their respective categories which as an existing listing, is where you can help!

When your listing has been successfully claimed, simply login, go to your listing and select the appropriate category that matches its content.

– Claim Listing

What Happens Next? :

Upon approval, the support team will transfer the named listing to your account.

* We anticipate some bogus claims and will check even if we have to complete a form ‘on the site concerned’ for verification!

Updating & Category Selection :

So, and upon a successful listing claim, when you login for the first time to edit your listing, be sure to select the appropriate / related category that best describes its content.

So go ahead and experience the massive new features we have incorporated and get on with updating their content such as Media files and Marketing materials!

And finally…

There will be anomalies during the final update processes and yes, we’ll make a mistake and ‘drop the ball’ here and there; so be sure to help us by dropping us a quick message. Any suggestions would also be welcomed!

We’ll appreciate it! ??

Help & Support :

If you have any questions with regard ‘Claiming Your Listing’ please create a support ticket under the appropriate heading using the button below – we’ll be sure to respond as soon as we are able.

Help & Support

PLEASE NOTE : Our support team are available during normal office hours.

Time : 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs – Period : Monday to Friday – Tele : 07748 72 12 05

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