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We value our both our Members and Subscribers..

Like most, we all like to be kept informed on things that interest us and as with many websites, we like to give choice to those who subscribe to what we do.

We send periodical newsletters out in keeping both our members and subscrbers ‘in the loop’ on News, Advertising, New Listings and much get the idea.

So here, we have covered the basics on common questions asked…

Can I opt out of Marketing & Promotional Emails?

Yes, sure you can but there are many benefits of being subscribed to receiving marketing emails which you could miss out on; including Latest Offers, New Advertising, Promotional Offers and much more.

Be Assured :

We do not share your member details outside of PrimeSiteUK, so you can be assured you will only receive our News, Offers and Promotions.

Please be informed if you do choose to opt out of receiving e-mails, you may be excluded from receiving any information about all this and more.

Opting Out :

If you still wish to unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails please go to your member dashboard, you will see an ‘opt out’ link.

Email Opt-Out

All that you need to do is deselect your chosen options and your done. You will receive confirmation that you have been removed from our database.

It can take up to three (3) days for our records to be updated, so don’t worry if you receive emails within this time.

Help & Support :

If you are experiencing difficulty with regard – Opting Out – simply send us a message using the contact button below – we’ll be sure to respond as soon as we are able.

Help & Support

PLEASE NOTE : Our support team are available during normal office hours.

Time : 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs – Period : Monday to Friday – Tele : 07748 72 12 05

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