Whiteboard Animation

How much does a Whiteboard Animation cost?

We’ve made our pricing structure as simple as possible while still allowing you the flexibility to only pay for what you get.

That’s why we apply one simple flat rate package, with optional extras for voice-over and scriptwriting. So if you have your own voice-over and script, you only pay the basic animation fee.

Typically, a whiteboard advertising message can cost in the region of £600 per minute but don’t take our word for it – do a search and see for yourself!

So as you can see, we provide a simple yet cost effective way in getting your marketing message across. In order to make this reachable to all levels of business, we only apply a flat rate of just £50 per minute – period!

To book, simply contact us with you details and we’ll respond as required.

The following is our main demo infomercial

Now this is not a typical length for a whiteboard advertisement as we put this together to put across a story – In the main, most last around 1-3 minutes.

Please see further below for a more detailed explanation on “How long should my whiteboard be?” as the answer is similar to “How long is a piece of string”.

One of the most common questions our clients ask us is, “How long should my Whiteboard Animation Video be?!”

This is a really good question as the last thing you want to do is create an amazing video, but have people click away after a few seconds because it’s too long.

And of course, you don’t want to have people watch your entire video, only to miss out on key details. So, you definitely want your whiteboard animation video to be just the right length – typically, 1-3 minutes.

Some people break out statistics as the solution to this question but this really isn’t the best way to figure it out. Why? Because the number of variables are insane! There is just no way to compare YOUR video to industry averages. At least not accurately.

Think about it…

If your company has a totally revolutionary product or service, then marketing it through a video is going to take a bit more explaining than someone who sells something more traditional.

A video marketing a £2500 online course should be longer than one marketing a £3 pair of socks. Make sense right?

If on the other hand you’re creating a whiteboard animation book trailer for a 600-page mystery novel with 26 characters and a plot twist on every third page, then you’ll probably want to do a bit more teasing than if it were a 180-page literature piece! The list goes on …

But the bottom line is that your video needs to be just long enough to tell your story in a way that inspires people to action.

So, based on that, you could say that asking how long your video should be, is actually the wrong question.

Instead, what you should be asking is: “How can I grab and hold onto people’s attention?” Because, if you can’t do that, then you’ll have a very hard time getting people to even watch a 30 second video.

And if you DO command attention, then even 3 and 4 minutes of video will fly by for your viewers in the blink of an eye.

So here’s our tip to do that :

  • Speak to the audience in their language, not yours. This keeps things interesting and relevant to them.
  • Make sure you’re creating a video for something people really want. Ideally, this takes the form of a pain or problem they need to solve.
  • Make THEM the hero of the story, always — never you or your company.

Our Approach :

To make sure we have you covered, please see Animated Whiteboard Design Instructions.

So there you have it – to book or make an enquiry simply contact us we’ll respond as possible – usually within the hours!

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